Outer Banks Quilts & Antiques


June: 2017




Outer Banks Quilts and Antiques

108 Sir Walter Raleigh Street

Manteo, NC


Nestled away on a side street in Manteo’s downtown shopping district is a quilt and antique store with charm and distinction. This is not your ordinary quilt shop. The focus is certainly on antiques, with the added bonus of quilt fabric and notions to boot!

Manteo anchors Roanoke Island as part of the pristine Outer Banks of North Carolina. Its downtown district, popular among tourists, includes a waterfront, marina, shoppingrestaurants, and even a maritime museum. Amongst all of this activity is a semi-quilt shop tucked away on Sir Walter Raleigh Street. Many quilters also enjoy antiquing. With this store’s deliberate inclusion of quilt related items and antiques, quilters will feel right at home with Outer Banks Quilts & Antiques surrounded by the other beachy boutiques in the area.

Metalworks on front porch display.

Photograph by Emma Jane Powell

Make no mistake, this is primarily an antique store. The quilt fabric and notions section is small, but respectable. They have great beach, novelty fabrics, and even a selection of several different burlaps. Why have a quilt section in an antique store? The previous owner was a quilter, and she started the quilt fabric section. When the current owners took over, they kept it, and expanded it slightly. It seems to be working for them. While I was in the store, a local busted through the door and asked for a particular quilting notion! Click here to see a photo tour of the many vendors which bring such a variety of items to the store.

Antique quilts featured throughout the store.

Photograph by Emma Jane Powell

Tucked away on a side street.


Don’t miss this unique store when visiting the Outer Banks. Save some money in your wallet, and space in your luggage for novelty quilt fabric, quilt related puzzles, and other wistful antiques. My mother-in-law bought some beach, novelty fabric. I walked away with a jar full of vintage wooden spools, some still threaded. I had a hard time resisting some of their other items, but I will be back!

What about you?

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