Attaching a Quilt Label

a tutorial

sewing on a quilt label

how I sew quilt labels to my quilts


Begin by sewing your label in with the binding. Ensure the raw edge of the two ends are folded under, as shown in the photo. Here’s my tutorial on mitered binding. Sewing it in with the binding will ensure no one can easily remove your label and steal your quilt at a show, which has happened (though not to me).


With a needle and thread and thimble, hand sew the exposed edges of the quilt label, folding the raw edge under as you go by finger pressing it down. Whip stitch as shown.


Carefully tack it at the corner and continue around the other side.


Knot the thread off at the end.


A close-up of the whip stitched edge.


Done. In summary, the label is sewed into the seam by machine with the binding, then stitched by hand around the exposed edges.

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