Why use a Rotating Quilt Mat?

Is a rotating quilt mat necessary? No. Helpful? Yes. Sure, you can get by with a normal quilt mat without a rotating device underneath. However, with so many notions and tools out there to help make the process of quilting easier and faster, it’s helpful to know which ones really are worth it. This one certainly is.


“Squaring off” our quilt squares is a necessary step to ensure accuracy when sewing together the whole quilt top. The rotating quilt mat makes this step a cinch. Often the quilt square becomes distorted when cutting one side, then picking up the square to cut the other sides. The rotating quilt mat completely prevents that. You cut one side, then rather than moving the block, you move the mat instead. This seamlessly transitions the block from one side to the other without distorting the block. It’s much easier and faster to turn the mat rather than picking up and moving the block and carefully putting it back into place for the next cut.


You can see in the picture to the left how the rotating mat works. The circle protrudes from the top, and fits into the hole in the base. It seamlessly swivels. It has a no-slip base further easing the rotary cutting of your blocks.


It comes in various sizes for your different sized blocks. Choose the size that works best for your space. Mine is a 12″ mat, which works great for the size quilt blocks I tend to make. This mat by Fiskars is a great size to fit in your travel tote for quilt shows on the road. At 8″ it will fit in most any travel bag.

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