Jazz Up the Quilt Back

a simple way

jazz up the back

use scraps leftover from the front to create a unique back

Adding interest to the back of a quilt doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate, and it doesn’t take as much time as you might think. When I finish a quilt top, the last thing I want to do is put a lot of effort into the backing, but this was so easy. You can make great use of scraps leftover from the front by chain piecing and randomly sewing the pieces all together. Read the steps below to see how  I added a simple, pieced strip to the back of a wall hanging I recently made.


I began with this plain piece of fabric, roughly two inches larger on each side than the quilt top. Then, I cut it in half horizontally.


With these leftover scraps, I used my ruler, rotary cutter, and mat to cut the scraps to about 1-1.5″ wide and 3.25″ high.


With leftover triangles, I sewed them together to make rough squares. I then cut them down to 1.5″ strips.


Begin chain stitching and you will end up with this. Press seams open.


Use your ruler, mat, and rotary cutter to square off for a straight edge.


Sew pieced strip horizontally to the plain pieces of backing fabric.


Voila! This is a useful way to repurpose scraps from the front of your quilt to jazz up the back. The strip is purposely placed near the center so as to not interfere with the quilt label at the bottom.

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