Free Scrap Fabric Storage Idea

Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? Plastic storage boxes are expensive! Sometimes, when you order things online, they come in nice boxes. I recently decided to start using them for scrap storage. I used to compile all of my scraps from all of my quilts in one big basket. Over the years as I started to embrace scrappy quilting, I began to realize this was not an effective way to store my scraps. Why? Because when I wanted to use scraps, they were all jumbled together with no rhyme or reason, which made it hard to mix colors appropriately in new quilts. I began to rethink how I store scraps from projects. I now store scraps from particular projects independent of other projects. Nice boxes from items ordered online is an inexpensive way to keep them organized on a shelf. Why spend money on storage boxes, when you can recycle, reuse, and repurpose boxes you get for free?

A nice, plain box from something I ordered online. It measures 8×8″ square and 3″ deep. Perfect!

I tossed in all scraps from a quilt I recently finished. I included the template I used for it, just so I’d know where it was.

I closed the box and labeled it both on the top and on the side. This way, when I put it on a shelf or in a closet, I can easily see what I am looking for without pulling it down.

There you have it! An easy, clean, and neat looking storage solution.

(If only the rest of my sewing space looked this neat and clean!)

What about you?

What free storage solutions have you used for your scraps?

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