Make Your Own Ironing Board

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Make Your Own Custom-Sized Ironing board

Need an ironing board to fit in a particular space in your sewing room? It’s only a matter of carving a couple of hours into your day. With the help of my husband cutting to size some scrap MDF we had leftover from a previous project, I was easily able to do this on my own after that. Local hardware stores will cut boards for you if you don’t have the capacity to do it yourself. All you need is the wood or sound board, a staple gun (with our without an air compressor – the air compressor just makes it easier), staples, batting, and a fabric cover. Making your own ironing surface is easy and fast once you have all the materials in place.


Begin with a piece of 3/4″ plywood, soundboard, or medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Cut to the size you need it to be.


Place two layers of felt or 100% cotton batting on top of board. Cut about 1/2″ larger than size of board on each side to fold over the board edge.


Lay canvas or another sturdy fabric on top of batting, cut at least 3″ larger than the board on each side. (I have used a cotton sateen drapery lining.) Fold the fabric to the underside. Staple in place in the middle of each side to anchor in place before flipping the board over to staple the rest. Be sure to pull the fabric taught, but not tight, when stapling opposite sides.


Flip the board over. Work your way around the board pulling the fabric taught and stapling fabric into place. Leave the corners until after all sides are stapled. I used 3/4″ staples and a staple gun attached to an air compressor. A regular staple gun will also work, you just have to put more elbow grease into it!


Staple about an inch apart all the way around.


Neatly fold over the corners, hiding any raw edges. This may take some patience to fold it just right! Anchor into place with a couple of staples.


With sharp fabric scissors, cut the excess fabric all the way around to within an inch of staples.


Viola! Your ironing board is ready to use. I simply laid the ironing board on the surface without screwing it in. If you prefer to anchor your ironing board to the surface it will lay on, use screws and L brackets and drill it into place.

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