Beachy Quilts: When the Hot summer and Coastal Breezes Inspire You to Create

Changing of the seasons allows for a natural inspiration for new colors and patterns reflecting the types of activities done and sights we see during that time of year. In the summer, people enjoy beaches, seafood, and tropical drinks. There is no shortage of patterns and fabric colors to wet your appetite.

Several years ago, I went on a family vacation to Sea Island, Georgia. I was in the middle of a quilting spree where my creative juices were flowing. I just couldn’t leave my sewing machine at home for an entire week! It was a good thing I packed it up, the humidity and heat in the low country is stifling! It was a reprieve to be inside with the air conditioning and my sewing machine during the heat of the day. I brought along a simple pattern for a wall hanging (see below) and a lighthouse novelty print with coordinating fabrics. The key for me to get this quilt done over vacation was choosing a simple pattern, and to only expect a quilt top, not the finished product. After all, I wanted to enjoy the beach and the town as well.

I also enjoyed my 3 to 5 year phase of underwater art quilts. There are so many fun, batik fabrics depicting underwater animals and cool, beachy colors, or the warm sunset colors. It didn’t take me long to build up a collection of fabrics great for my ocean-life inspired quilts. Next came the embellishments! Colorful yarns, beads, and buttons make underwater quilts come to life.

Coastal Quilt Projects!!

Below, I’ve compiled a thorough list of links to quilt books, patterns, and projects to assist you in channeling your seasonal quilt enthusiasm.



Seaside Quilts is a great book for quilt projects if you’re interested in adding a beachy flair to your home. Beautifully staged photography make this an excellent book to peruse even if you aren’t ready to make that quilt yet.

  1. Do you like anchors and stars? Check out this nautical quilt.
  2. How about sea turtles, dolphins, and seagulls.
  3. Enjoy this trio of seahorses.
  4. Beach cottages and palm trees in this row quilt.
  5. Colorful crabs to be made into a bed quilt or wall hanging.
  6. Like applique? Check out these flip flops.
  7. Let the fabric do the talking with this simple pattern.
  8. Lighthouses anyone?

If you are looking for a myriad of quilt designs and techniques all in one place, Shoreline Quilts is the book for you! Creative designs and techniques ranging from challenging to simple. This book is appropriate for the beginner quilter to the advanced.


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