About Me

Greetings, I am so glad you found me!


My name is Emma Jane Powell. I am a quilter from North Carolina. I love quilts, and I love writing.

Quilts + Writing = One Cool Way to Spend My Time

You will find my quilt blog entertaining and useful if you’ve ever pondered the following:

1. When is the quilt done? I keep adding this and tweaking that, when can I be done already?

2. My quilting sucks. Do I bond with the seam ripper, and take it all out, or do I leave it alone and again live with the fact that this will not be a show quilt?

3. I’ve got the time, but I’m not in the mood. How to get inspired when the mojo isn’t flowing.

4. If you have ever run out of fabric in the middle of a quilt, you are in the right place. I am the queen of miscalculating and underestimating, how much fabric I will need to complete a project. I will show you how I deal with the issue in creative and stress free ways!

5. Should you buy that quilt book? My personal reviews along with your feedback will give us all an informed opinion about whether or not you should add it to your stash.

6. I want to write articles, books, and patterns – yikes! How do I get started? That’s me! Follow me on my journey into a world I know little about!

7. Is it really worth it to dip into the kids’ college funds to go to that next quilt show? Um, as if!

8. Got EQ7? Look here for tutorials to help you further master this helpful tool.

9. I love vintage textiles and I have lots and lots of ideas for re-purposing these timeless treasures into wall hangings and bed quilts.

10. I also love today’s modern quilt movement.

…And much, much more!